DANSO - Leviosa 「冪空」
18/11 15:30-16:00 @ CIHE 2/F
19/11 14:30-15:00 @ CIHE 2/F
Leviosa 「冪空」, CIHE & CBCC’s 4th Dance Society, is named after the levitation spell from the renowned novel and film “Harry Potter” series. The name translates “to rise” or “to raise up”, encouraging the team and their audience to “Rise Up & Dance” together. Set aside the time to behold Leviosa’s spellbinding performance!
Kylis 孔惠佳 x Ziva 穎蕎
18/11 12:30-13:00 @ CIHE 2/F
18/11 14:30-15:00 @ CIHE 2/F
In 2020, Kylis debuted her music career with the release of her singles, "Never Let You Go" and "Love Me Not (feat. MastaMic)” which was inspired by the Five Stages of Grief. Aside from her solo career, Kylis has also been involved as a demo and back-up vocalist in hundreds of music projects, including those for Kelly Chan and Jade Kwan. Spare some time during your visit and listen to Kylis’ captivating vocals!

The model-turned-singer, Ziva, was thrusted into the spotlight on the Good Night Show - King Maker 4 programme. She quickly attracted the attention of the audience with her unique style and appearance. She allured them not only with her ability to sing English songs, but even challenged herself to perform a Chinese ballad in the finals. Come and witness Ziva’s showstopping performance!
Music Studies Students' Performance
18/11 11:30-12:00 @ CIHE 2/F
19/11 11:30-12:00 @ CIHE 2/F
How can we forget the students of our Music Studies programme? To-be musicians who strive to perfect their musical talents, solo or ensemble. Whether you are curious about the programme or simply want to appreciate good music, take the opportunity to drop by and support our remarkable students! CIHE&CBCC has a music festival/performance, how can it not involve the students and the students of the Higher Diploma in Music Studies? Students who are good at playing musical instruments will show their talents, solo or ensemble. If students are interested in progressing to the Higher Diploma in Music Studies, why not seize the opportunity to know and appreciate the performances of future peers? Even if you have no intention of progressing to related subjects, you can come to support the performance of the students!
19/11 13:30-14:00 @ CIHE 2/F
19/11 15:30-16:00 @ CIHE 2/F
Composed of five members, Glow of Stage (GOS) pursues to highlight and celebrate the differences in everyone through their music. That even with the varying personalities in their band, even they can become a GOS – good operating system that burns with passion! Feel their synergy and watch them shine!